Evidence to date shows that Electronic ignition became available as a replacement for points and condenser in the Post Historic era. (Around 1970).


The popular option for a replacement system was Lumenition Optronic ignition.
This comprised an amplifier, chopper blade which fitted over the distributor spindle and an “Optronic” eye assembly that was fixed to the distributor base plate.

There is definate proof of Lucas distributors being used as a replacement for less reliable makes of distributor.

Tip For Electronic ignition systems.

A good increase in ignition coil output can be obtained by using a Ballast resist coil with the full battery voltage passed through it. The main benefit of electronic ignition is that it will pass more amps through the triggering circuit, thus allowing the above mod to be carried out. However you must use a top quality coil.


A Dynamo may be replaced by an Alternator.


Batteries are free. You can replace your existing battery for a larger capacity one. (Remember the battery must be adequately secured and the positive terminal insulated.

Spot Lamps.

Only period type lamp brackets. Lamp pods are not allowed.

Halogen Headlight Bulbs.

There is no problem with fitting high wattage replacement bulbs. However two points to think about.

1. They do not comply with the road traffic act. This would only cause a problem if you had a determined policeman.

2. Because of the extra amps required to power them it is advisable to pass the wiring through a relay.

Engine Cooling Fans.

Electric Cooling fans may be fitted to assist or replace the original cooling fan.

Fuel Pumps.

Mechanical fuel pumps may be replaced by electric ones.