Trip Meters for Historic Motorsport

The use of electronic trip meters is permitted.

There are a number of companies who supply them, each with there individual display and operation.

Stage Rallies

There is no restriction on the functions of the trip meter. The main function is for it to record distance when using a road book.

Road/Regularity Rallies

The trip meter must not be able to calculate average speed.

Its main function is to record distance traveled, this may be a single or dual display to record intermediate distances. The one benefit of electronic assemblies over the mechanical driven variety is the ability to easily calibrate it to the individual event organisers distances. This is usually supplied on events as a measured mile.

There are two main display types.
L.E.D. (Brantz and RoamerTime+)
This is usually a red coloured display. It is especially effective at night or in dark conditions. One draw back is that in bright sunlight they are not so easy to read resulting in numerous shields etc to shadow the display.

L.C.D. (Terratrip)
This display is usually black on a grey background. It does not suffer in bright sunlight and has a back light function to high light the display in dark conditions.

The RoamerTime+ is a new concept in Trip meters. It utilities some useful display options. This includes distance and time displays at the same time. They also offer specific software options for stage and road rallies.