Category Four.
Peugeot 205 GTI.
FIA Homologation paper no A5213 Grp A

Two  door body shell.


1580cc Single OHC Belt Drive. 83m Bore. 73.00mm Stroke.

A overbore of 60″ is permitted wothout affecting class.

Cylinder Head. Alloy. 2 valves per cylinder.
40 mm inlet valves..
33 mm exhaust valves


Manufacturers electronic ignition, built into distributor with remote amplifier and coil.

Fuel Injection.

L Jetronic.
50mm Throttle body housing

Gearbox.  Peugeot. Five speed

Differential ratio’s. 3.470. 59/17.  3.588.  61/17.  3.687.  59/16.  3.813.  61/16.  3.938.  63/16.  4.0625.  65/16.  4.188.  67/16.  4.429.  62/14  4.785.  67/14.

Rear Axle.  Beam with torsion bars.


Front. Vented 247 x 20.5. Single piston caliper. 262 x 20.1  with Alloy four piston caliper.

Rear: Standard 180 x 40 mm drum or 265 x 10.2 solid disc with Alloy twin piston  caliper..

Tandem master cylinder. Adjustable brake pedal box.
As long as it cannot be adjusted by driver or navigator when normally seated.

Suspension. Front. McPherson strut.   Adjustable platform.  Optional Anti/roll bar.
Rose jointed lower arm assembly

Rear. Torsion bar with Telescopic shock absorber. Optional Anti/roll bar.


Standard or Power assisted steering rack.

Wheels and Tyres.

14 inch Diameter. A maximum of 7 inch wheel rim width is permitted.

Roll Cage.

Multi point, bolted or welded.


Plastic bumpers front and rear. Composite side and tailgate windows.
Digital display dashes and instruments are not permitted.
Alloy centrally mounted replacement petrol tank.