The following is a list of vehicles that may be used in category four from 1st January 2014.

The FIA have a list of banned group “B” vehicles as follows.

Audi Sport QuattroS1                     Homologation n° B-264
Austin Rover MG Metro 6R4          Homologation n° B-277
Citroën BX 4TC                              Homologation n° B-279
Ford RS 200                                   Homologation n° B-280
Fuji Subaru XT 4WD Turbo            Homologation n° B-275
Lancia Delta S4                              Homologation n° B-276
Peugeot 205 T16                            Homologation n° B-262

Other Group B cars may participate in events without restrictions.

B268DaihatsuCharade 926 Turbo (G26)927 ccJapan01-Jan-8502/02 ER01-Jan-88
B269Skoda130 LR1290 ccCzechoslovakia01-Jan-8505/03 VO01-May-86
A5251OltcitClub – TA-OB1129 ccRomania01-Jan-85
A5252Skoda130 L1290 ccCzechoslovakia01-Jan-8506/05 VO01-Apr-88
A5253VauxhallAstra 1.3 B series1297 ccGreat Britain01-Feb-8507/03 ER01-Jan-92
A5254VauxhallNova Saloon1196 ccGreat Britain01-Feb-8504/02 ER01-Jul-90
A5255VauxhallAstra 1.8 GTE (Modele 84)1796 ccGreat Britain01-Feb-8511/03 ER01-Jul-90
A5256Alfa RomeoAlfa 33 Quadrifoglio Verde1490 ccItaly01-Feb-8515/09 VO01-Feb-92
A5257FujiSubaru 4WD (1.0) KA, KD998 ccJapan01-Feb-8503/01 ER01-Jan-92
A5258FordFiesta XR21599 ccGermany01-Feb-8504/01 ER01-Dec-88
N5258FordFiesta XR21599 ccGermany01-Feb-8501/01 ET01-Dec-88
A5259FujiSubaru 4WD Turbo 4 Door Sedan (AA, AC)1782 ccJapan01-Mar-8517/08 ER01-Jan-92
B270FordEscort RS Turbo1597 ccGreat Britain01-Apr-85
B271SEATIbiza 1.5 GLX1461 ccSpain01-Apr-8506/01 ET01-Apr-88
B272Renault-AlpineGTA2850 ccFrance01-Apr-8502/01 VO01-Jul-89
N5249VauxhallNova Swing1196 ccGreat Britain01-Apr-85
N5254VauxhallNova Saloon1196 ccGreat Britain01-Apr-85
N5255VauxhallAstra 1.8 GTE (Modele 84)1796 ccGreat Britain01-Apr-8501/01 ER01-Oct-85
N5256Alfa RomeoAlfa 33 Quadrifoglio Verde1490 ccItaly01-Apr-8504/01 ER01-Apr-94
A5260MitsubishiMirage (C13A)1598 ccJapan01-Apr-8502/02 ER01-Jan-88
A5261FordXR4Ti2303 ccGermany01-Apr-8510/04 ER01-Jan-92
A5262RenaultR 5 GT Turbo C 4051401 ccFrance01-Apr-8528/08 ER01-Jan-92
N5262RenaultR 5 GT Turbo C 4051401 ccFrance01-Apr-8512/07 ER01-Jan-90
A5263Alfa RomeoGiulietta 1.8 – ’841780 ccItaly01-Apr-85
A5264Alfa RomeoAlfa 33 – 4×4 – 1.51490 ccItaly01-Apr-8508/02 ER01-Jan-92
A5265Alfa RomeoAlfa 90 – 2.5 Quadrifoglio2493 ccItaly01-Apr-8504/01 ER01-Jan-92
A5266FordMustang 5.0 GT/854968 ccU.S.A01-Apr-8505/01 ET01-Jul-91
A5267RenaultR 5 TSE Type C 4031397 ccFrance01-Apr-85
N5267RenaultR 5 TSE Type C 4031397 ccFrance01-Apr-85
A5268HondaCivic 3 Door (AT)1590 ccJapan01-Apr-8515/04 ER01-Jan-92
N5354VauxhallNova Saloon1196 ccGreat Britain01-Apr-85
N5133Alfa RomeoAlfasud TI 1.31351 ccItaly01-May-8502/01 ET01-May-85
A5269Daimler-BenzMercedes-Benz 190 E 2.3-16 (W 201)2302 ccGermany01-May-8536/28 VO01-Jul-92
N5269Daimler-BenzMercedes-Benz 190 E 2.3-16 (W 201)2302 ccGermany01-May-8501/01 ER01-Oct-86
A5270ToyotaStarlet 1300 (EP71)1296 ccJapan01-May-8510/03 ER01-Jan-92
A5271ToyotaStarlet EFI (EP71)1296 ccJapan01-May-8508/02 ER01-Jan-92
B273FerrariGTO2855 ccItaly01-Jun-8505/02 ER01-Jan-88
A5272FordEscort RS Turbo1597 ccGreat Britain01-Jun-8522/09 ER01-Jan-92
N5272FordEscort RS Turbo1597 ccGreat Britain01-Jun-8503/02 ER01-Jan-88
A5273VEBTrabant P 800 RS771 ccGermany01-Jun-8503/01 ER01-Jan-92
B274PininfarinaSpiderEuropa Volumex1995 ccItaly01-Jul-8502/01 ER01-Jan-88
N5180ToyotaCorolla 1600 GT 3 Door (AE86)1587 ccJapan01-Jul-8502/01 ER01-Jan-87
N5264Alfa RomeoAlfa 33 – 4×4 – 1.51490 ccItaly01-Jul-8504/02 ER01-Jan-92
N5270ToyotaStarlet 1300 (EP71)1296 ccJapan01-Jul-8502/01 ET01-Apr-88
A5274ToyotaCorolla 3 Door Sedan GT (AE82)1587 ccJapan01-Jul-8509/01 ER01-Jan-92
N5274ToyotaCorolla 3 Door Sedan GT (AE82)1587 ccJapan01-Jul-8502/01 ER01-Jan-87
A5275ToyotaSprinter Trueno 1600 GT 3 Door (AE86)1587 ccJapan01-Jul-8505/01 ER01-Jan-92
A5276Audi90 Quattro2226 ccGermany01-Jul-8505/01 ER01-Jan-92
N5276Audi90 Quattro2226 ccGermany01-Jul-8502/02 VF01-Aug-85
N5027FordCapri 2.8i2793 ccGreat Britain01-Sep-8501/01 ET01-Aug-86
B275FujiSubaru XT 4WD Turbo (AX)1782 ccJapan01-Oct-8505/03 ER01-Jan-92
A5277MazdaLuce (HB3S)2616 ccJapan01-Oct-8505/02 ER01-Apr-86
A5278FiatUno Turbo IE1301 ccItaly01-Oct-8519/10 VO01-Apr-91
N5278FiatUno Turbo IE1301 ccItaly01-Oct-8506/02 ET01-Apr-88
A5279IsuzuGemini Sedan (JT150)1471 ccJapan01-Oct-8501/01 VO01-Nov-85
A5280IsuzuGemini Hatch Back (JT150)1471 ccJapan01-Oct-8501/01 VO01-Nov-85
B276LanciaDelta S41759 ccItaly01-Nov-8514/04 ER01-Jan-88
B277AustinMG Metro 6R42991 ccGreat Britain01-Nov-8510/07 VO01-Oct-86
B278Renault-AlpineGTA Turbo2459 ccFrance01-Nov-8504/02 ER01-Jan-92
A5281LanciaY10 Turbo1049 ccItaly01-Nov-8503/02 ER01-Jan-88
N5281LanciaY10 Turbo1049 ccItaly01-Nov-8502/01 ER01-Jan-88
A5283PremierPadmini1090 ccIndia01-Dec-8501/01 ES01-Dec-85
N5283PremierPadmini1090 ccIndia01-Dec-85