The purpose of the above is to list the specification and safety equipment fitted to the vehicle. A CCLB/VP may be obtained from a National scrutineer as listed on the MSUK website.
Passports refer to complete cars, and may not be transferred with a body shell.

The new CCLB/VP requires three pictures.
(These are normally taken by the scrutineer inspecting the vehicle)

1. A colour (not polaroid) picture of the vehicle to show the Right Hand Side Front and Rear Left Hand 3/4 view with a clear view of a flat mounted forward facing legible number plate.
Any rear aerofoil must also be clearly shown in the picture. A picture of the engine compartment taken from the front is also required.

2. An actual or photo copy of the vehicle V5C log book. This is to confirm chassis number, vehicle details etc.

3. The vehicle should have a clearly visible Identity plate. (Chassis number)

4. The CCLB/VP fee is £48
There may be an additional fee to cover the cost of travel if the scrutineer has to travel to a place of inspection. This needs to be agreed with the inspectin scrutineer, the travel fee is normally at the MSUK rate of 45 pence per mile.

Vehicle/Information Changes.

Vehicle CCLB/VP must be sent back to the MSUK Technical Department for any of the following reasons:

Change of engine type or capacity.

Change of ownership.

Change of bodyshell.

Change of address.

Change of vehicle colour. (With new photo).

Vehicle disposal or dismantle.

CCLB first issued between 1st January 2005 and prior to 1st December 2009 will expire on 31st December 2023.

All other CCLBs will expire on December 2025.