2014 HRVIF Guidelines

HRVIF Form 2014

This form is required for all vehicles in Category 1, 2, 3 and 4 taking part in Historic Special Stage Rallies run under MSA Blue book Regulations.
Make sure you obtain an
Historic Rally Vehicle Identity Form. and not a H T P which is a technical passport for FIA appendix K events.

Historic Rally Vehicle Identity Form.
There are some new requirements for the HRVIF .

The HRVIF will remain valid for a period of 10 years from the date of issue or such time as the registered owner of the vehicle changes.

A copy of the new form is shown above.

The registration form is available from the MSA Tel: 01753765000 or can be downloaded off the MSA website at www.msauk.org

The form at first glance look awesome but they are not to difficult to fill in. You will need a number of photo´s. Remember to take clear in focus,  photo´s of each item. Be prepared to support any modifications with relevant documented evidence.
An FIA Homologation form index can be viewed under Technical Information on this website or on the FIA website at http://historicdb.fia.com

Documented Evidence.

This can take the form of:

Specialist books of the period.

Period Magazine articles, Newspaper reports, Photographs.

Homologation forms. (Category 3)

Please remember that information recorded on these forms must be accurate and correct.

This particularly applies to engine Bore and Stroke.

Braking system and wheels and tyres.

The front and rear suspension pictures need to be taken clearly showing the brake caliper, disc and hub assembly.

It is important to list the various tyre sizes your vehicle can use. For example 165/175/185/195 /70/13.

You must also put the rim size 7″ maximum, you can also add the diameter options as was used in period.