FIVA IDENTITY CARDS & Youngtimer Registration Document NOTES

The application process for a FIVA card is now carried out on line only.

The application process is started by visiting

The application process is carried out in three stages.

  1. Part.1. Personal details.
    The front page has a selection box asking you for your ANF.

  2. You will need to select United Kingdom.

    The following windows requires you to put enter your personal details.
    The first item is your e mail address followed by your own personal password.
    These two items will form your log in details.
    They will need to be used for you to access the system and your application.
  3. Part 2. Vehicle details.
    The vehicle details require the following 6 main vehicle identity items.
    1. Vehicle Make
    2. Vehicle Model
    3. Chassis Number
    4. Engine Number
    5. Registration number
    6. Manufactured Year.
  4. Part 3. In depth vehicle details.

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs Limited acts as the UK administrative agent for the issue of FIVA Identity Cards. The FBHVC has no input to the technical examination or validation of provenance of vehicles submitted for a FIVA Card. FIVA Cards can only be issued for vehicles that are registered in the UK. A copy of the vehicle detail page of the registration document (V5C) must be included in section B3 of the online application.

Cards are only valid for ten years but are non-transferable so expire on a change of ownership if that is earlier.

FIVA Cards provide a simple guide to a vehicle’s history, authenticity and specification and are required for events run under FIVA rules.

The fee for the issue of a standard FIVA Identity and Youngtimer Registration Card is £160.00, however a priority application will cost £210.00. Both prices include VAT and shipping of the completed card by tracked courier service to a UK address. International postage will be charged extra.

Owners who are members of affiliated FBHVC member organisations can benefit from a £30.00 discount. The fee payable for a standard FIVA Identity Card would be £130.00 or a priority application would be £180.00. The club declaration section must be completed in order to receive the discount.

Please allow up to three weeks from the date of completing your application for the issue of the FIVA card. If you need your card urgently, please tick the Express issue box on the initial application personal information section. This supplementary fee does not guarantee we will be able to meet your deadline as we rely on your correct completion of the information and the answering of any necessary questions.

You will be notified via email after you have completed part two of the application for pre-payment.

Payment can be made via BACS, the bank details will be provided on the proforma invoice supplied, however card payments may also be made over the telephone to the ANF secretary.

FIVA require all vehicles to be physically examined prior to issue of a new card. The cost of these examinations is variable and is subject to agreement between the FIVA Examiner and owner. These costs will be invoiced by the examiner and payment should be made directly to the examiner. Paul Loveridge the Technical administrator will contact you upon completion of your application to arrange an inspection

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