Shock absorbers.

The maximum permitted piston size is up to 42mm.
A Bilstein has a 40mm piston.


The FIA do not take kindly to HTP applications with lots of advertising on display. It is advisable to keep this to a minimum for inspection purposes. If it is of a period type then make sure you have period documented evidence/pictures to back it up.
What you choose to put on after the intial HTP inspection is up to you, but be prepared to have to peel it off if an on event scrutineer does not like it!

Escort Rear Suspension

A number of cars are presented with coil over rear suspension, please remember that you must still retain the original leaf spring medium. this can take the form of a single leaf token gesture or a more in period as used by Ford plastic replica.


The FIA have now made the decision to not accept Ford Escorts fitted with an Alloy engine cooling radiators.
The following is a letter clarifying the situation by the FIA.

The MSA is correct when informing you that aluminium radiators are not acceptable for the Ford Escorts; only the correct copper radiators are eligible.

It might be possible that during the HTP approval process some black painted aluminium radiators were missed. Furthermore it is known that some car owners  changed the radiator after getting approved on the correct ones shown on the HTP.

This is an unsatisfactory situation and whenever cars with incorrect radiators are detected the HTPs are “Red Dotted” and the radiators have to be corrected.”

There is a company on e bay advertising copper radiators. The contacts name is Lee.

Boston Radiators Ltd.
4 Maud Street
PE21 6TP
Tel: 01205 369555