Wheel rims.

Wheel rim size is 6″ maximum for road rallying. For stage rallying rims shall not exceed 7″.


The fitting of tyres with an aspect ratio of less than 70% is prohibited

Roll Cages

Roll cages may be bolted or welded. A maximum of 14 points are allowed. Cross section door bars are allowed. In addition to the main six mounting points an additional eight more can be attached to the body shell. These are usually two to the front screen pillars and two from the main rollbar to the body. Competitors should note that an installation to drawing Q37 Page 253MSA Blue Book with the additional mounting points will contravene FIA appendix K regulations. To avoid any future problems I would suggest that the additional mounting points are bolted in and not welded. That way if a European event is planned the bolts can be removed. If the additional points are to be welded then sensible length of welds must be used. (Not the length of the A post)

Historic Rally Vehicle Identity Forms

H R V I F Papers
These papers are required for you to take part in Historic Stage Rallies.

They form a definitive document of the vehicles specification.You need to apply for the HRVIF papers at the MSA. Telephone01753765000 or download them from the MSA website on www.msauk.org

Make sure you ask for MSA Historic Rally Vehicle Identity Forms.