Opel Kadett C Type RWD

Permitted modifications supported by documented evidence.


1979cc Single Cam in Head. 95mm Bore. 69.80 mm Stroke.

A overbore of 60″ is permitted wothout affecting class.


Points and condenser.

Manufacturers Bosh or Luminition.


Twin Weber or Delorto. 40-45 DCOE.
Bosch Jetronic injection.


Opel 4  or ZF 5 speed.

Rear Axle.

Trailing arm 4 linked axle with Panhard rod.
LSD is permitted


Front. Vented or AP 4 pot calipers with 256 x 21 vented brake discs.

Rear: Standard drum or 244 x 10 solid disc with single piston ate caliper.

Tandem master cylinder. Adjustable brake pedal box. As long as it cannot be adjusted by driver or navigator when normally seated.


Front. Coil spring with Telescopic shock absorber.

Rear. Coil spring with Telescopic shock absorber.

Wheels and Tyres.

13 inch Diameter.
A maximum of 7 inch wheel rim width is permitted.


Fibre glass bonnet or boot lid. Composite side windows.

Alloy centrally mounted replacement petrol tank.