Permitted modifications suported by documented evidence. 

Engine. (1993cc)

Dry sump lubrication system.
Bore 90.82. Stroke 76.95.
A 60thou overbore is allowed without altering class.

The 205 engine block casting is allowed to be used.

Only “I” section connecting rods are permitted

This block is easily identified by a blanking plug facing down towards the sump on the rear r/h side of the engine under the exhaust manifold.

Cylinder Head.

The Holbay or Warrior 16 valve cylinder heads are o/k to use as is the later 8V fuel injection cylinder head. This is identified by its pear shaped inlet port.

Ford Pinto engine cylinder heads:   Use of the later fuel injected cylinder head is permitted for carburettor cars subject to the  top of the inlet port at the manifold face not being less than 33mm from the rocker cover gasket face. Material may be added to the cylinder head casting in the area of the injection  “eyebrow” by welding or otherwise to achieve this dimension. Where a cylinder head has been modified such that this criteria is not met, then a metallic spacer plate of at least 3mm thickness with maximum of 38mm dia apertures is to be interposed between the inlet manifold and the cylinder and fixed so as to comply with the 33mm dimension stipulated above.  

Holbay/Warrior Cylinder heads
Valve Sizes;
Inlet. 36mm Head 5/16″ stem and length of 4.500″ (Nominal) This is also wasted.
Exhaust. 32mm Head 5/16″ stem and length of 4.500″ (Nominal) This is also wasted.
Both have single cotter groove.


Standard progressive twin choke or, Single / Twin, Webers or Delorto´s.


Motorcarft or Bosch distributors are permitted.

Standard or Lumenition.
The Lumenition system uses an Optronic Trigger system and is good to 13000RPM!
The ignition pack and coil must be mounted on the inner wing.
The later Motorcraft/Bosch Sierra type distributor with the amplifier attached is not permitted


Four speed 2000E or Rocket gearboxes are permitted.

An Alloy casing for 4 speed gearboxes are permitted.

The ZF S5-18/3 is the only 5 speed gearbox permitted.

Dog engagement gearboxes are not permitted.
Concentric Slave cylinders are not permitted.

Rear Axle.

Standard unit or fully floating Atlas unit. Alternatively the Quaife English axle three quarter floating kit Pt no QAF4Z can be used. Limited slip differential. Full 5 link axle location. This comprises 4 short links (Approximately 16.5 inches long) and a pan hard rod are allowed.
Three piece solid halfshafts.


Front. Standard or vented brake disc with cast iron M16 or AP racing or Girling 4 pot alloy brake calipers.

AP Racing CP2361 (Forestry) or CP2270 (Monte Carlo) front brake calipers.

Rear. Drum brakes, either standard or Capri 3lt. (Baby Atlas). Alternatively non vented disc brakes. Single calipers must have mechanical hand brake mechanism built into it and be of a period design. (Not Sierra). Otherwise two single calipers. One for foot brake and one for the hydraulic hand brake.

Master Cylinders.

Single outlet master cylinders may be replaced by a Tandem or Twin cylinder arrangement.

The fitting of a dual master cylinder or any other type of device providing a simultaneous action on all four wheels and divided action on two wheels is permitted, providing the original brake pedal and pivot point are used.

The remote brake bias adjuster must be positioned so that it cannot be adjusted by either the driver or co-driver when normally seated in the car.

AP racing have reproduced the CP2383 rear brake caliper. However two CP2577 calipers, one for foot brake and one for handbrake are acceptable. Ian Rix engineering (01379854387) are marketing a modified CP2577 caliper with a built in mechanical handbrake mechanism to satisfy the MOT/road traffic act. This unit is accepted for use but will still require a separate footbrake caliper.
Girling alloy brake caliper information is available from John Freeth on 01600713117 or e mail


Quick steering rack. 2.5 turns as opposed to 3.5 lock to lock.



McPherson Struts. Adjustable platforms are allowed as long as they are the large (Standard) diameter spring. Double width front anti/roll bar mountings with an anti dive kit is permitted.
Top Suspension mountings must be rubber bushed. Spherical bearings are allowed.
Compression or Tension struts are not permitted

Rear. Turret kits (Any height) are allowed. 5 Link location.
Standard Leaf springs with shackle or slipper type of attachment.

Wheels and Tyres

13″ Diameter,

Rim width, tyre size and aspect ratio as per MSUK Blue Book.

Switch Gear

Only period indicator stalks are allowed. You may as was done in period rewire a indicator switch to run the wipers on the other side of the steering column

Body Shell

The recessing of the floor pan to accomodate the exhaust system is not permitted.

World cup cross member with engine mountings.
Adjustable brake bias pedal box .
This is as long as the bias cannot be adjusted when the Driver or Co-Driver are normally seated.
Fibre glass bonnet and boot lid.
Composite side and rearwindows.
Alloy centrally mounted replacement fuel tank.
Battery fitted in the boot. (Suitably secured and insulated.)
Front and rear steel bumpers must be fitted.

Heated Front windscreens are permitted.
Digital display dashes and instruments are not permitted.