Permitted modifications supported by documented evidence. 


Straight 6. Chain driven SOHC. L24. Bore 83mm.  Stroke. 79 mm. L26. Bore 83 mm. Stroke. 73.7mm
L28. Bore 87.8mm.  Stroke 79 mm.Standard or crossflow 12valve cylinder heads..  


Standard or Luminition.  

Carburation/Fuel system.

Triple twin choke Solex-Mikuni. Triple Dellorto/Weber DCOE’s.Fuel injection is permitted 


Standard 4 speed or 5 all synchromesh gearbox.Optional 5 speed direct top.. 


The fitting of a concentric clutch slave cylinder assembly is not allowed. 


R180 or later R200. Plated LSD.Standard universal or constant velocity jointed drive shafts.
3.3, 3.5, 3.7, 3.9,. 4.1,. 4.3, 4.6, 4.8, 5.1, Ratios.are permitted. 



McPherson Strut. Adjustable platform. Reinforced lower arms.Standard or rose jointed compression rods. 


McPherson Strut. Adjustable platform. Reinforced lower arms. 


 The fitting of a dual master cylinder or any other type of device providing a simultaneous action on all four wheels and divided action on two wheels is permitted providing the original brake pedal and pivot point are used. The remote brake bias adjuster must be positioned so that it cannot be adjusted by either the driver or co-driver when normally seated in the car. 


Vented with 2 or 4 piston brake calipers 


Standard Aluminium  finned brake drumSolid discs with single piston sliding brake calliper.Vented discs with two piston brake calipers. Hydraulic handbrake is permitted. 

Wheels and Tyres.

14 or 15 inch diameter. Rim width, tyre size and profile as per MSA Blue book. 


Fibre glass bonnet or boot lid. Composite side windows.                                                                      
Alloy centrally mounted replacement petrol tank.