Permitted Modifications supported by documented evidence


1500cc Pushrod. 1300, 1600cc Crossflow
1558 Twin cam engine.
701M or 711M blocks. Plus 60thou overbore is allowed without altering class.


Single choke. Twin choke. Twin Weber or Dellorto´s.


Luminition Electronic ignition is permitted

Four speed all cast iron gearbox. Alluminum clutch and gearbox rear casing.
Dog engagement gearboxes are not permitted.


Steering box only. (Recirculating ball)


Front. Mc Pherson Strut. Non adjustable platforms. Anti/roll bar, narrow 2 bolt mounting points onto chassis. (Not wide 4 bolt like Escort ) Solid track control arms. Negative camber can be obtained by re-drilling the cross member.
Front strut brace.

Rear. Multi leaf spring. Vertical telescopic shock absorbers.


Front. 9.6 inch Solid front brake discs, P imperial or M metric two piston cast iron calipers.

Rear. Drum brake. Single piston wheel cylinders.

Rear Axle.

Three quarter floating half shafts. (Not Quaife units) Limited slip differentials. Aluminium differential casing. Trailing links. Three piece halfshafts are allowed.
You are also allowed to add additional strengthening from the differential casing out towards the wheels by welding supports to the axle casing.

Wheels and Tyres

Wheel rim, Tyre size and profile as per MSA Blue book.

Fuel Tank.

Centrally mounted aluminum tank in boot allowed.

Front and rear bumpers must be fitted.

Fibreglass bonnet and bootlid. Perspex side windows.