Permitted modifications supported by documented evidence.

1098, 1275.

The ‘A’ Plus block is permitted. The ‘A’ Plus is identified by the strengthening webbing visible on the front of the block below the distributor mounting hole.

12G940 casting 1275cc cylinder heads.

Electronic ignition.

Luminition Optronic replacement system.


Single Weber or Delorto.
Twin 1.25, 1.5, 1.75 S U´s
(Not later H I F type)


Three or Four syncromesh. Limited slip differential. Straight cut drop gears.


Front. Solid brake disc.
Rear: Brake drums.

Wheels and Tyres.

Twelve or Thirteen inch wheels. Tyre size & profile as per MSA Year book.


Fibre glass bonnet or boot lid. Policarbonate side windows.
Alloy centrally mounted replacement petrol tank.
Front and rear bumpers must be fitted.