Permitted modifications supported by documented evidence

Engine. 850, 997, 970, 998, 1071, 1098, 1275.
The Solid tappet chest 1275GT block. 12G940 casting cylinder heads.

A crankshaft with C-shape counterbalance webs is not permitted

The ‘A’ Plus block is permitted.
The ‘A’ Plus is easily identified by the strengthening webbing visible on the front of the block below the distributor mounting hole.


Single Weber or Delorto. Split Weber configuration allowed. Twin 1.25, 1.5, 1.75 S U’s (Not later H I F type)


Three or Four syncromesh. Straight cut gears.
Limited slip differential. Straight cut drop gears. (Not Timken type)

A dog engagement gearbox is not permitted.

The starter motor must be of the inertia type. NOT pre engaged. The period modification was to fit a 10 tooth pinion as opposed to the 9, this gave a greater turn speed of the engine.

The distributor must use points and condenser. NOT Electronic.


Minifin brake drums. Solid 7.5inch brake disc.  Rear: Minifin brake drums.

Tandem master cylinder. Adjustable brake pedal box. As long as it cannot be adjusted by driver or navigator when normally seated.


Adjustable Hi Lo’s. Solid negative camber bottom arms. Adjustable tie bars. (Not rose joints)
Adjustable Hi Lo’s. Non adjustable camber brackets.
If adjustable camber brackets are used, they must be set and then welded in that position.

Wheels and Tyres.

Ten inch wheels and tyres may be used.


Doors. External hinges, Alloy doors or skins. Original type window. (2 piece sliding)

Fibre glass bonnet or boot lid. Composite side windows                                                                    

Twin steel petrol tanks or centrally mounted alloy.

Front and rear bumpers must be fitted.