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Shock Absorbers.

Shock Absorbers

As used in period.

In Category 1, 2 and 3 the period specification shock absorbers were as follows.
Hydraulic non gas pressurised, fixed rate, single rate or double adjustable rate damping.
Gas pressurised  monotube Shock Absorber, non-adjustable damping rate (Bilstein or Sach) with a maximum guide tube diameter of 40mm.
The principle manufacturers during the above period are as follows.
Amstrong, Bilstein, Boge, Koni, Leda, Monro, Sach and Spax.

McPherson Strut.The dimensions of the inserts are as follow.
A 40mm external diameter on the shock absorber guide tube.
There are NO external adjusters on these assemblies.
There was a 41mm variation, this did not come into existence until around 1983.
It was used on Sierra Cosworths and Metro 6R4’s. This variation is not a period part or dimensionally correct for Category one, two and three vehicles.

Bilstein Front Strut top mount.
Note! Large slot through centre of top threaded retainer.

There are two variation for the rear as follows.
A normal shock absorber.  A piston diameter either 10.5 or 11mm.
A coil over adjustable platform assembly.. A piston diameter of either 12mm or 14mm.
There are NO external adjusters on either of these shock absorbers.

Front McPherson Strut.
These were externally adjustable by way of a small screw which was located in the centre of the piston.  This adjuster was accessible from under the bonnet.
The piston diameter was 18mm.
A small piston assembly that again utilised an adjuster down through the centre.

These shock absorbers had the usual multi position external adjusting screw. There were approximately 30 positions. The adjuster was low down on the shock absorber body and comprised a slotted screw.

This type of shock absorber had an external adjuster facility. This comprises a large knurled knob that is located towards the top of the outer body.

This shock absorber is not now in production. However there are a number of them still being used in competition. There was no external adjusters on the telescopic range. They were effectively a sealed unit.

Category Four. 1/1/1982 – 31/12/1985.
A number of new shock absorber manufacturers appeared during this period as follows..

These first appeared around 1983 being fitted to Ford Sierra Cosworths, they utilised a 50mm diameter guide tube.

This shock absorber is usually associated with an external canister. There are non-adjustable assemblies available however they usually have a 45mm guide tube diameter.

Another shock absorber usually associated with an external reservoir. There are a number of non canister adjustable items in their catalogue.