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Roll Cages. ( R.O.P.S ) Roll Over Protection Systems

The following information is for reference purposes only.
It is intended to be of help in identifying the ROPS as fitted to your historic vehicle.
Some ROPS are hard to identify due to their age and fixings.
They very often carry no identity at all, the identity sticker has long been lost, misplaced or painted over.

Note.! A number of manufacturers used a generic ROPS diagram.
These diagrams have been used on various vehicle ROPS certificates.

The list shows some rear cages, this was a common fitment with the front cage being added afterwards.

The first two letters refer to the manufacturer. RC = Roll Centre, SD = Safety Devices, AL = Aleybars

The next four figures relate to the year the cage was certificated.

The next letter is as follows. W = Welded. B = Bolted

The next information relates to the vehicle.

There then follows Full = Full Cage. Rear = Rear Cage.

The last figures relate to the roll cage certificate number.
(Ignore the number 1 at the end.)
For example the first cage would be a: Roll Centre, 1994 Certificate date, Bolted, Escort Mk2. Full Cage, Certificate number 1260.