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Pinto Cylinder Heads

Subject. Pinto 2lt Engines.

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 Re:      Regulations in respect of Historic Stage Rally Cars The technical regulations in respect of historic stage rally cars are set out in (H)283 – 313 and draw your particular attention to (H)291 which makes it clear that only period modifications in rallying on the particular make and model of car are permitted. The Motor Sports Council Historic Committee Rally Sub-Committee has recently met and reviewed the list of non-original parts as provided for under (H)293. Within that list is the use of what is referred to as the “fuel injection head” on the earlier carburettor equipped Ford Pinto engine. In order to facilitate the use of this non-original part and to comply with (H)293 which states, “… that the use of these parts does not confer an advantage in either performance or reliability” the following conditions have been included within the authorisation for the use of this part. 

Ford Pinto engine cylinder heads:   Use of the later fuel injected cylinder head is permitted for carburettor cars subject to the  top of the inlet port at the manifold face not being less than 33mm from the rocker cover gasket face. Material may be added to the cylinder head casting in the area of the injection  “eyebrow” by welding or otherwise to achieve this dimension. Where a cylinder head has been modified such that this criteria is not met, then a metallic spacer plate of at least 3mm thickness with maximum of 38mm dia apertures is to be interposed between the inlet manifold and the cylinder and fixed so as to comply with the 33mm dimension stipulated above.  

You will note that provision has been made to enable the use of cylinder heads that have been modified outside of the permitted limits subject to the fitment of a spacer plate between the cylinder head and inlet manifolding. Such spacer plates will require to be checked by an eligibility scrutineer and sealed to the cylinder head.