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Mini Tyres

Mini 10″ Forestry Tyres

Mr Tyre has negotiated a deal with the new owners of the original Colway tyre moulds. The new EU based company will commence production shortly. Paul Dyas of Mr tyre has purchased a number of new 10″ casing which are to be sent to the new factory for moulding. These will be distributed through Mr Tyre.

The position with the above tyres is as follows. Mr Tyre sent a number of new 165/70/10 tyres to the new factory for remoulding. This would involve buffing the new tread off the covers and remoulding the the forestry tread on them. There have been a number of conversations regarding this with the result that the tyres have been done and were to be dispatched back to the U/K. To date this has not happened. Anyone fancy a trip to Poland?

New 10″ Tarmac Tyre.

Mr Tyre have obtained a number of new Dunlop Tarmac tyres. The tyre is more suited to wet conditions, a picture of the tyre is shown below.
The SPR7 will sell at a RRP of £65 + VAT.

For more information contact Mr Tyre on 01215512131