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FIVA Identity Card Notes



This page of notes is followed by a four-page application form which, when completed, must be sent with photographs, a copy of the V5C document and appropriate fee to:

Paul Loveridge, 103 Woodside Street, Cinderford, Glos. GL14 2NS.                                                         Email

It would be helpful to Paul Loveridge and help process your application as quickly as possible if you would email him to let him know when you post the forms to him.

Email for queries:

Check list

A copy of the relevant part of the FIVA technical code is available on request from FBHVC or on this web site..

A.            FIVA Identity Cards are valid for 10 years and are not transferable. On change of ownership, the new owner will need to apply for a new card. ID Cards remain the property of FIVA and must be returned to FBHVC (the issuing authority) or FIVA on request.

B.            FBHVC is authorised to issue FIVA Identity Cards only to owners of vehicles that are registered in the name of the applicant in UK. A copy of the vehicle detail page of the registration document (V5C) must be sent with the application.

C.            The vehicle owner is responsible for completion of the four pages of the form and only forms signed by the owner will be considered. Copies of forms and one photograph (see E) are sent to FIVA.

D.            The form must be completed in full: please do not leave spaces blank – if necessary write ‘none fitted’ or ‘not applicable’. Around half applications received have to be returned because of missing information or unanswered questions.

                Please quote dimensions in metric units for everything except wheels and tyres, and please do not answer ‘standard’ or ‘unknown’ – FBHVC does not have the resources to research the dimensional information that has to be shown on the ID card. See H.

E.             Three identical 9 x 13 cm colour photos or very good quality computer prints, printed on photographic paper are required. Polaroids and photocopies will not be accepted. They must show the vehicle as described on the form: i.e. with the same wheels and tyres, the same auxiliary lighting etc. If a car, the photograph must be a three-quarter front view with the registration clearly visible. If a motorcycle, a side view if there is a front number plate, or a three-quarter rear view if there is no front plate. Photographs should be taken in the open with a plain background and without driver or passengers.

F.             It is a requirement that vehicles be inspected by an independent specialist whose task it is to verify that the information given on the form by the owner is correct. The preferred choice of specialist is an official from an appropriate marque club. A specialist restorer is acceptable provided he/she has not carried out any significant work on the vehicle. 

The inspector must complete the panel on page 4 before the application is submitted to the FBHVC.

G.            Please allow four weeks from date of mailing your application for the issue of the ID card.  If you need your ID card more quickly, please pay the supplementary fee noted in H below. This supplementary fee does not guarantee we will be able to meet your deadline, but will be returned if we are unable to do so.

H.            The fee for the issue of an ID card is £125.00. Members of FBHVC subscriber clubs are entitled to pay a discounted fee of £100.00 provided they complete the club section.  

                The supplementary fee for urgent issue is £50 and unless paying by credit card should be paid on a separate cheque so it may be returned if we are unable to meet the deadline.

                FBHVC reserves the right to charge an extra £10 if it is necessary to return an application because it is incomplete or incorrect.  All fees are VAT inclusive.

                Payment may be made by cheque drawn on a UK bank payable to FBHVC Ltd or by Visa, Mastercard or Switch.

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