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Escort Exhaust Tunnels

There has been a lot of debate regarding the recent announcement regarding exhaust tunnels on Ford Escorts.

The situation is as follows:

The announcement came about following a new shell inspection that had an exhaust tunnel fitted. This was not a small item but more like half the floorpan. The preparer when questioned made the statement that a large number of new shells were being prepared to thee same spec. The decission was then taken to make public the issue regarding such work. As always documented evidence must be produced to support any modifications. Whilst a number of people including key board hero’s sounded off, a couple of preparers thankfully came up with some documeted period evidence. This confirmed that the Ford Motor company had carried out this work to new shells, it must be pointed out however that this was only on Category 3 Group 4 RS1800’s.
The announcment was made to stop future vehicles being prepared with an exhaust tunnel that did not comply with the regulations.

I would ask that anyone who has concerns with there car over the above to contact me.