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Category 3 Ford Escort RS1600

The FIA homologation period for H1 is from 1/1/1972 – 31/12/1975.The Motorsport UK Historic categories are as follows:Category 2. 1/1/1968 – 31/12/1974.Category 3. 1/1/1975 – 31/12/1981The FIA have accepted the following modifications as fitted to a Mk1 Escort RS1600.This has been accepted in the belief that the modifications were carried out late in the Escort […]


Anyone needing to puchase new harnesses to be used with a FHR (Frontal Head Restraint) system  should consider harnesses that are designed to be used with a FHR system. These belts are the usual 3" that reduce down to two inches over the shoulder. They are designed to work better with the yoke type of […]

Crash Helmets and Overalls

Crash Helmets and Overalls for special stage rallies in 2015. Helmets, (a) International Events FIA. 8860-2004. FIA  8860-2010. Snell  SA2010. Snell  SA2005 (Not valid after 31/12/2018) Snell  SAH 2010 SRI Foundation 31.1A, 31.2A (Not valid after 31/12/12018) All MSA National events. As listed in (a) above and BS6658 Type A/FR (not valid after 31/12/2015. Overalls. […]

Stage Rally Competition Seats

The MSA will from 1st January 2014 require all special stage rally cars to have in date FIA seats fitted. If you are going to buy new seats make sure you have as much time as possible on the new seats. This is identifiable by the FIA label and hologram that is usually situated on […]

Shock Absorbers.

A Bilstein front strut top mouning. Note large slot through centre of thread area.

Shock Absorbers As used in period. Types. In Category 1, 2 and 3 the period specification shock absorbers were as follows. Hydraulic non gas pressurised, fixed rate, single rate or double adjustable rate damping. Gas pressurised  monotube Shock Absorber, non-adjustable damping rate (Bilstein or Sach) with a maximum guide tube diameter of 40mm. The principle […]

RS1800 Fuel Injection

Category 3. RS1800 Kugelfischer fuel injection is permitted. This system consists of a fuel metering unit which is very simular to an in line diesel injection pump. A fuel feed pipe leaves the pump and delivers fuel to an injector which is mounted in a butterfly action throttle body. For more information contact. Alan Sherwood Engine […]

Exhaust Manifolds

The above item must comply with the Historic regulations regarding period modifications. To be more precise the manifold must be as used in rallying in period. This would include bore size, shape and configuration. In all cases the onus of proving a modification as being period rests with the competitor who must submit the required […]

Escort Exhaust Tunnels

There has been a lot of debate regarding the recent announcement regarding exhaust tunnels on Ford Escorts. The situation is as follows: The announcement came about following a new shell inspection that had an exhaust tunnel fitted. This was not a small item but more like half the floorpan. The preparer when questioned made the statement […]

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