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Category 3 Ford Escort RS1600

The FIA homologation period for H1 is from 1/1/1972 – 31/12/1975.
The Motorsport UK Historic categories are as follows:
Category 2. 1/1/1968 – 31/12/1974.
Category 3. 1/1/1975 – 31/12/1981
The FIA have accepted the following modifications as fitted to a Mk1 Escort RS1600.
This has been accepted in the belief that the modifications were carried out late in the Escort Mk1 RS1600’s life. (1975)
This under Motorsport UK regulations would effectively move a Category 2 Escort Mk 1 with any of the these modifications into Category 3.

The relevant modifications are shown below.

  1. Long linked rear axle
  2. Single rear brake caliper (Unless period part)
  3. Rose jointed Track Control Arm.