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Category 3 Escort 1600

FIA Homologation Form No 5586.
Two or Four Door Body Shells. 

Permitted modifications supported by documented evidence. 

Engine. OHV or Single OHC

711M Engine Blocks. Plus 60thou overbore is allowed without altering class.

OHC (Pinto) Engine block


Standard progressive twin choke or, Single / Twin, Webers or Delorto´s


Standard points or Luminition optical electronic ignition system is allowed.


Four speed standard or Rocket. Alloy or Magnesium bell housings are allowed. Dog boxes are not allowed.
Concentric Slave cylinders are not permitted.

Rear Axle.

Standard unit or 3lt Capri (Baby Atlas) Limited Slip differential. Single anti tramp bars (2 maximum) in the original manufacturers location.
The fitting of a Pan Hard Rod is permitted.
The Gartrack Grp1 semi/floating half shaft kit is allowed.


Front. Solid or Vented brake discs with cast iron P/M16 brake calipers.

Rear. Drum brakes, Either standard or Capri. Hydraulic handbrake.

Master Cylinders.

Single outlet master cylinders may be replaced by a Tandem or Twin cylinder arrangement.

The fitting of a dual master cylinder or any other type of device providing a simultaneous action on all four wheels and divided action on two wheels is permitted, providing the original brake pedal and pivot point are used.

The remote brake bias adjuster must be positioned so that it cannot be adjusted by either the driver or co-driver when normally seated in the car.

Quick steering rack. 2.5 turns as opposed to 3.5 lock to lock.


Front. McPherson Strut. Double width front anti/roll bar mountings. The fitting of an anti/dive kit is permitted.

Top Suspension mountings must be rubber bushed. Spherical bearings are permitted.

Rear. Turret kits are allowed.

Wheels and Tyres

13″ Diameter
Seven inch rim width maximum.
70 profiles tyres minimum.

Switch Gear

Only period indicator stalks are allowed.


World cup cross member with engine mountings. Adjustable brake bias pedal box . This is as long as it cannot be adjusted when the Driver or Co-Driver are normally seated.
Fibre glass bonnet and boot lid.
Composite side and rear windows.
Alloy centrally mounted replacement fuel tank.
Battery fitted in the boot. (Suitably secured and insulated.)
Front and rear steel bumpers must be fitted.
Digital display dashes and instruments are not permitted.