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Author: HRCT

Stage Rally Competition Seats

Please check the MSUK Blue Book rules regarding competition seats and expiry dates. Their has been extensions to the seats expiry date. If you are going to buy new seats make sure you have as much time as possible on the new seats. This is identifiable by the FIA label and hologram that is usually […]

Seat Mountings

2021 Blue Book. Section “K” Page 172. Regulation 2.2.1 Seat Mountings Seat supports.This rule has been incorporated to bring the seat mounting requirements in line with the FIA approved system. The following section explains the correct installation procedure for seat supports.It is intended for new build vehicles only. ┬áIt may however also apply to owners […]

FHR or Hans devices

The MSA has ruled that from 1st January 2016 all crew members taking part in Special stage rallies in the U/K must wear a frontal head restraint or (HANS) device. The following is an FIA guide regarding these devices. Guide_HANS_2007    

Crash Helmets and Overalls

Crash Helmets and Overalls for Special Stage Rallies, Sprints, Hillclimbs and Racing  in 2021. Helmets, International and MSA National events.  FIA  8860-2010. FIA 8860-2010 FIA 8859-2015 Snell  SA2010. Snell SA 2020 Snell  SA 2010 Not valid after 31/12/23. Snell SA 2015 Not valid after 31/12/26. Snell SAH 2010 Not valid after 31/12/23. Overalls. Special Stage […]

Roll Cages. ( R.O.P.S ) Roll Over Protection Systems

The following information is for reference purposes only. It is intended to be of help in identifying the ROPS as fitted to your historic vehicle.Some ROPS are hard to identify due to their age and fixings. They very often carry no identity at all, the identity sticker has long been lost, misplaced or painted over. […]

Category 3 Ford Escort RS1600

The FIA homologation period for H1 is from 1/1/1972 – 31/12/1975.The Motorsport UK Historic categories are as follows:Category 2. 1/1/1968 – 31/12/1974.Category 3. 1/1/1975 – 31/12/1981The FIA have accepted the following modifications as fitted to a Mk1 Escort RS1600.This has been accepted in the belief that the modifications were carried out late in the Escort […]


Please check the MSUK Blue Book in regards to seat belt expiry dates. Anyone needing to purchase new harnesses to be used with a FHR (Frontal Head Restraint) system  should consider harnesses that are designed to be used with a FHR system. These belts are the usual 3″ that reduce down to two inches over […]

Mini Crankshafts

Crankshafts There have been reports of Mini's being fitted with C-shape counterbalance webed crankshafts. These are not permitted as there has been no evidence that they have been used in period. The following is the wording regarding period parts taken from the 2017 Blue Book. Please supply documented evidence as per Article 49.6 page 329 […]

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