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Historic Rally Car Technical Information

Historic Cars may be used for competitions under a set of rules that preserve the specification of their period and prevent modifications of performance and behaviour which could arise through the application of modern technology. Historic competition is not simply another formula in which to acquire trophies, it is a discipline apart,, in which one of the essential ingredients is a devotion to the cars and to their history. Historic Motor Sport enables the active celebration of the History of the Motor Car”.

The following sections are designed to give anyone, building a Historic rally car for use on events governed by the MSA, guidelines on what can and cannot be done.

I would stress that as is stated in the Blue Book only modifications used in rallying on the particular make and model of car are permitted for both Historic (Cetegory 1) and Post Historic (Category 2) rally cars. Modifications are only allowed if they were available before 1.1.68 (Cat 1) in the case of Historic Rally Cars and before 1.1.75 (Cat 2) in the case of Post Historic Rally Cars.

Category 3 includes Historic Rally cars registered and homologated in Groups 1, 2, 3, or 4 between 1st January 1975 and 31st December 1981 Cars in category 3 must comply with their Homologation forms and Appendix J of the 1981 FIA Yellow Book.

Category 4 includes Historic rally cars  registered and homologated in Groups A, N and B between 1st January 1982 and 31st December 1985  excluding any cars that were regulated out by the FIA in period from rallies for safety reasons. Cars in Category 4 must comply with their Homologation forms and Appendix J of the 1985 FIA Yellow Book.

The items listed on this website are as a result of proven modifications, supported by documented evidence. On that basis if anyone has evidence to support a modification that is not listed then please let me know.

Rules are rules and broken by fools so otherwise Prove it or Remove it.

Paul Loveridge